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Outsiders in London

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The term ‘outsiders’ often has negative connotations:  these are the people who are regarded as ‘them’ in contrast to ‘us’, the arrivals from distant provinces or foreign lands, those not quite belonging, those not exactly fitting in, those not conforming.

Of course, there is another side to this coin:  there are those who stand out deliberately, who choose to go against the grain, the ones who challenge established social, cultural or religious norms, who question the policies and orthodoxies broadly accepted by those who are of the mainstream, those ‘on the inside’.

This project aims to illustrate how many of us will experience the feeling of being an outsider at some stage in our lives;  how some of us are labelled as, or feel ourselves to be, outsiders from the very outset but manage to turn this into an advantage, or just make the best of it;  how some of us are crushed by the burden of being ‘on the outside’ while others grapple with it, grow stronger and, in overcoming adversity, quite often make an exceptional contribution to society.

Rabbi Ahron Leib Cohen

London, 23 August 2013

Outsiders in London aims to reveal something of the lives of 40 such individuals, who perceive (or have perceived) themselves as ‘outsiders’ in one way or another, and to celebrate both that they have survived and what they have achieved.   It is also to be hoped that every one of us will recognise in these images, and life stories, a little bit (perhaps a lot) of ourselves or of someone close to us.

Below is a list of the topics / subjects that have been covered.   Of course, life is complicated and cannot easily be compartmentalised;  there are some individuals who might fit comfortably into several categories and the list was created primarily to help us make sure that none of the main reasons why people feel like outsiders is overlooked, as well as to help avoid duplication.   Sadly, a number of important topics are missing where it proved simply impossible to find people willing to come forward with the right kind of life experience;  to some extent, this was to be expected.

Political  - Secular Anarchist  - Haldun Musazlioglu

Maverick  - Andrew Maisel

Muslim and Gay - Naseer Muhammad

Divorced Woman - Giulia Gentile

Illegal Immigrant - Christine De Oliveira

Political Asylum - Pedro Gonzales

Racial Discrimination - Benedict Ighotu Agbaimoni

Transsexual - Margaret Dawn Pepper

Cross-Dresser ( Transvestite )Raphael / Rachel Spicer

Challenging Cultural and Social Norms ( Treatment of Widows ) - Chinwe Azubuike

Living with Deafness - Paul Cripps

Single and Childless Woman, by Choice - Katarína Homolová

Civil & Human Rights Campaigner - Peter Tatchell

Muslims in Britain ( ‘Clash of Civilisations ?’ ) - Harun Rashid Khan

Anti-Zionist Jewish Woman Artist - Anouche Sherman

A Duality of Gender - Pippa Holmes

Living with Serious IllnessCarole Pyke

Historically Vilified Ethnic Group - Roma ( Gypsies ) - Stan ( Stanislaw ) Kierpacz

Personal Presentation and Appearance - Vladmir Damianos

Living with Serious Disability - Henry Fraser

Challenging Social and Political Commentator - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Living with Dementia - Christine Fagg

Criminalised Peaceful Political Protester  - Trenton Oldfield

Anti-Zionist Rabbi (Neturei Karta) - Rabbi Ahron Leib Cohen

Controversial Art Critic and Writer - Brian Sewell

Happy Asexual Woman - Melanie Sawyer

Honour-Based Abuse/Forced Marriage (Karma Nirvana) - Jasvinder Sanghera CBE

Vilified Nationality (Romanians) - Anda Anastasescu

The Dissidence of Old Age  - Margaret Owen OBE

Homelessness - Henry Stevenson

Poverty - Dean Steers

Working Tirelessly to Transform a Problem Estate - Julie Louise Fawcett MBE

Respected Insider but an Outsider Too - Lord Herman Ouseley

Inadequate English - Ranjeet Kaur Bhachu

Managing Bi-polar Disorder - Alec Scott Rook

Campaigning for the De-Criminalisation of Drugs - Dr Eliot Ross Albers

An Outsider in Her Own Family - Sonita Turner

Working Class Origins and Social Mobility - Lainy Malkani

Ex-Offender Striving to Make a New Life - Dennis Rose

A Soldier’s Struggle to Return to Civilian Life - Gary Areef Barnes

The Unknown Outsider  - Borislav ( Bobo ) Marković

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Amongst the planned 40 OUTSIDERS IN LONDON, it had been my hope to include individuals from as many of the above-mentioned categories as possible - inevitably, some additional categories emerged as the photography progressed and the list got longer.

I also wanted to include several high-profile individuals who, despite being ‘outsiders’, have contributed a great deal to society in very public ways and have often achieved fame.

The culminating exhibition, prepared for The Gallery in the Crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, had a strong link to its predecessor there, 100 Faces of London, as it too put emphasis on the extraordinary diversity of people in London, though this time with a more explicit social slant.

The charitable work of St Martin’s is almost entirely focussed on the plight of OUTSIDERS, those who have temporarily or permanently fallen through society’s increasingly tattered safety net;  this exhibition tried to show that the line between outsiders and the mainstream ( insiders? ) is sometimes very fine indeed and that some individuals may even find themselves on both sides. 

The exhibition did attract polemics and generated some strong disagreement - in one instance, one of the portraits was physically attacked - and we endeavoured to record (and publish on this WebGallery) the views and opinions expressed by visitors, however diverse or contrary.   To inform the debate, we created a COMMENTARY which included short, informative essays on some of the more difficult, unfamiliar or controversial topics raised by the lives of some of our outsiders.  

As with 100 Faces of London, this was a strictly non-commercial undertaking.


Are you one, too ?


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THE EXHIBITION was held from 23rd March to 8th May 2015 at The Gallery in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields.

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