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The Outsiders in London project culminated with an exhibition seen by over 8,000 visitors and generated a great deal of interest and many responses - some of these have been published on this website.   With its strong socio-political dimension, the project’s aim was to explore how those individuals who see themselves as outsiders, or who are seen as such by others, influence life in the capital and beyond.

The project can also be seen as a ‘slice’ of 21st-century social history and I felt strongly that, for this reason, it should be preserved.   And one of the simplest ways of ensuring its preservation is to have a volume of the images and stories lodged with all six of the UK Reference Libraries (sometimes called ‘the Copyright Libraries’).   By this mechanism, the project is listed in the British Library Catalogue and thus becomes searchable and accessible to future researchers and students of social history.   I know that some sitters felt strongly that this would be a fitting end to the project.

It is hoped that there will be a reprint of this 212-page high-quality book, A4 size, hard bound, and printed in full colour.   Because it is likely to be a very limited run (fewer than 20 copies perhaps, depending on how many are ordered) the price will inevitably be rather high, at around £65 per copy, but this is to be finalised closer to the date of printing.  If a sufficient number of orders reach us by the end of February 2016, books will be again printed in Germany during the month of March and delivered by the end of that month.  The first print-run has been completely sold out.

If you wish to order one or more copies of this special book, please get in touch not later then 29th February 2016 and we will send you full details with a final price. 

Milan Svanderlik

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Updated 22nd  January 2016

‘Outsiders in London’

Limited Edition Book ( 2nd print )


  1. High Quality Hardback Book

  2. A4 size

  3. 212 pages

  4. Printed in Full Colour

To be delivered  by the end of March 2016 

Price: £ 65 ( p&p ) - estimated

1st and 2nd limited edition print run has completely sold out. We might consider 3rd print run at some future date . Please express your interest by sending me an eMail:  milan@MilanSvanderlik.Photography

‘Outsiders in London’

eBook - a digital version of the book

  1. Size: 32.9 MB

  2. 495 pages

  3. Full text + 81 Portraits in Colour

  4. Published by: Epubli GmbH - Berlin

  5. ISBN No: 978-3-7375-8367-1

  6. Language: English only

Available now for download from Apple iBooks, Amazon UK and worldwide, and at a number of other eBook distributors including epubli.de.

UK price: £ 9.99

All profits from the sale of this eBook will be donated to the charitable work of St.Martin-in-the-Fields, London who generously hosted the seven week exhibition during 2015.